Venetian Blue Whites

Venetian Blue Whites

2.5 - 3mm Antique Tube Beads
Unit: strand

So beautiful! So special! We fell in love with them immediately….even when our African Trader told us how rare they are and we may not be able to get them again. In several shades of turquoise and deep teal, these antique Venetian beads have a luminosity due to their centers being a tube of white glass. This is also why they are considered in the white heart family of trade beads. Hole sizes vary but are generous enough to fit linen, C-lon, 5mm Chinese Knotting Cord and up to #5 Tuff Cord.

Sold in strands of about 12 inches and about 100+ beads each. As these beads are antique, expect variations and some damage due to age.



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