Ocean Blue- Padres

Ocean Blue- Padres

5mm Aged Glass Beads
Unit: strand

Opening on to ocean along its Southern Coast, the West African country of Ghana has a rich and fabled relationship with beads. For centuries, beads have been used for embellishment and adornment, for currency and status. This bright, turquoise blue over a white core (known as White Hearts) is often seen in jewelry worn by young girls and women. Used in tribal adornments throughout Ghana, it is a color everyone finds irresistible. The hole size is generous and will fit 4 Ply Waxed Linen, Tuff Cord #5, two passes of C-Lon and 4mm Chinese Knotting Cord. So, bead away! We think it would make a great addition to Across Cultures Bracelet...wonderful on so many levels. Expect variations in size and shape.

Sold by the strand approximately 20 inches in length.

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