Heishi - Brass

Heishi - Brass

Brass plated copper heishi beads 3-4mm with 1.5mm holes
Unit: Strand

Heishi, our hero! A bead that can be used in a number of ways. To this day, it is one of Janice’s favorite beads, “I remember when the African traders would come to the shop with their vans laden with beads and art. The one bead I always loved to see was my old friend, heishi. I have used it again and again in so many designs.” This is the perfect bead for many projects and is a great spacer bead. See how we used it in the earthy Odyssey bracelet project in Tyger,Tyger or in the gorgeous mixed materials Tahoe wrap bracelet, Sandstone. These beads have a tiny seam, almost like a jump ring, but they do not open and are not meant to!


Sold in 13-15” strands temporarily strung on cotton.


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