Khaki- Swarovski 5601

Khaki- Swarovski 5601

6mm Cube
Unit: pkg

Perfect for a foggy London day, the soft, warm olive color of Swarovski Khaki makes us just want to curl up by a fire with a good book. More green than brown, this bead is a great base for a project in earthtones. 

The hole size will fit up to 20 Gauge Wire and as an added bonus will fit .4mm Chinese Knotting Cord quite easily. For laddering, Tuff Cords #1-3 or Fine Weight C-Lon will fit through the hole size at least twice. Made in Austria by Swarovski.

When strung next to each other, 6 beads measure almost 1.5 inches in length.

Sold in package of 6 beads.


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Please note that this is a discontinued color. We will do our best to keep it in stock as long as we can, but there are no guarantees. Thank you for your understanding.


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