Flowers and Sunset Mix - Superlon D Tex 45

Flowers and Sunset Mix - Superlon D Tex 45

Superlon D Tex 45
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Strong, durable nylon thread with a bit more weight to it than Nymo, it tends to fray less and grip more. With our Happy Dozen mix of garden flowers and setting sun hues, you will have plenty of warm brights and pinky roses in your bead studio. Each bobbin has 77 yards and is threadable with our Size 12 English Beading Needles. The colors included in this mix are: Beige, Cream, Golden Yellow, Lavender, Light Orchid, Orange, Orchid, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose and Tan.

Design Hint: We have pushed the limit of this thread's uses by adapting it to knotting very fine gems; it comes up smelling like roses every time! You can also combine thread colors when knotting stones to give you a knot that has depth and character. Your knotting doesn't change, just your thread!


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