Sunrise - Size D C-Lon

Sunrise - Size D C-Lon

12 Spools- each 78 yards of Non-twisted Nylon Monocord
Unit: Tube

We’re ready to wake up to this color palette every morning! Perfect for peyote, embroidery with seed beads, and any beadweaving on or off-loom, Size D C-Lon (Tex 45) is considered a superior product for stitching, looming, and even laddering (use doubled) with leather. Small enough to fit up to Size 15 seed beads, this tough, floss-like thread is UV resistant and color stable. Compatible with Size 12 and 10 English Beading Needles. Made in USA. Conditioning with beeswax is optional. Color mix includes: Cream, Dark Cream, Gold, Golden Yellow, Lavender, Light Orchid, Orchid, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Rose.

Sold in a tube of 12 spools.

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