Stone Washed- 4mm

Stone Washed- 4mm

4mm Faceted Denim Agate Rounds
Unit: Strand

Relaxed and casual, like a favorite pair of jeans, this denim agate bead has spirit to spare. From blue-white to navy, each faceted bead seems to tell a story. And when you put them all together, they spell out “Go Blue!” This is a wonderful bead to use in Poetry or Tapestry. Hole sizes will fit Micro C-Lon (we like Light Blue) and Tuff Cord #1 or #2 in Navy. And for Laddering, you’ll love it with Distressed Denim 1.5. Expect variations in color and patterns.

Sold on temporary strands of approximately 96 beads measuring approximately 14-¾ inches. Imported.



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