Stars Align

Stars Align

Silver Plated Brass Slider 10mm
Unit: pkg

Brighten up anyone’s day with a few of these adorable star sliders. With an inner hole diameter of 2.2 x 5.2mm, it’s a breeze to position them anywhere on the 5x2mm Spanish Flat Leather. Made in Greece and imported by The Beadsmith, they are a great way to add sparkle to your jewelry. We love them in Prairie Leather Wrap.

Sold in package of 5 beads.


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Note: We are replacing the old style of star slider with a newer design. The old slider has a bar across the back and the star is on the front side. The new slider, although not quite as large, is more versatile because the star is on both sides, making it reversible. We think you’ll like this new star even more because one side is solid and the other has a circle punch-out in the center, giving a peek at whatever leather you choose to use it on. While we are replacing our inventory, you may receive either the older style or the newer style.


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