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Spindles- Mint Picasso

7.5x18mm Table Cut Glass IHD: 0.9mm*

Unit: strand
$6.65 USD

Anything with a Picasso finish takes our breath away, but when you add it to a semi-transparent mint bead, it’s just heavenly! How could we resist? Each bead has an old-world feel. 

We would definitely recommend it in your next Float Away Project. Whether you wire-wrap them (will fit 20 gauge wire) or you create a lovely thread float (will fit Griffin Size 6), they will add both interest and elegance to any design.
*Spindle Beads may not have consistent bead holes from one color to another. We have done our best to specify the inner hole diameter and what stringing materials will work.

Please Note: Table Cut Beads may have imperfections on surfaces and edges. This is to be expected.
Made in Czech Republic in small batches.

Sold on strands of 9 beads/ 7 inches in length.