Red Aventurine Pi- 40mm

Red Aventurine Pi- 40mm

40 x 6mm Stone Disc with Inner Hole Diameter of 6-8mm
Unit: each

It’s a simple stone in translucent, sun orange and looks ready to pair with turquoise beads. They are a good neutral when used with wood, stone and pearls. Each one has a bit of character and they range in shades of deep copper to pale tangerine. Cool to the touch, each one is natural stone. This disc would be great on a length of leather or added to Poetry as a focal bead and macramed with Light Copper Micro C-Lon. Fantastic!

Please note: Each disc is unique as they are natural stones. Expect variations. If you want us to try and select one that’s darker or lighter, please add a note on the shipping page as to your preference. We can’t promise, but we will do our best!

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