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5mm Purple Iris Pearls

5-6mm Freshwater Pearls IHD: .5mm

Unit: Strand
$12.95 USD

Found deep in a warehouse of old jade carvings and stone beads was a box of purple-grey freshwater pearls. Wow…they are definitely old. When they were originally harvested 25+ years ago, the color was created by irradiating freshwater pearls to create the peacock coating. Holes sizes are consistent but small and will fit 2 passes of Micro C-Lon using a Flexible Eye Needle. If you are using Griffin Silk on a card (with a needle), a Size 4 is a good choice. Expect variations in pearl sizes, dimpling and shading. Even on the same strand, not all pearls are consistent. Expect variations and imperfections; they are freshwater pearls.

Sold on temporary strand of 16 inches. Approximately 70-75 pearls per strand.