Peacock Hematite

Peacock Hematite

4mm Pyrite-Plated Hematite Rondelles
Unit: strand

Hematite is making a huge comeback in the bead industry, thanks in large part to new manufacturers getting creative with coatings… this one in an iris blue is a keeper! Imported from China, we have found the perfect project to highlight this bead; see how we used it in Strong Point, a 5 wrap ladder project. We would definitely recommend matching it with Caribbean Blue 1.5 Leather for a fun story in blues. Did you know we also have this bead in other flavors of Hematite? See our Strong Point Beads. Note: At certain angles the the center of these beads show a coppery red. We think it adds to the appeal.

Strands measure 15-½ inches and have approximately 168-170 beads. Sold by the strand.


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