Old Pottery Vase- 21mm

Old Pottery Vase- 21mm

Decorated 21x13mm Agate Vase Beads IHD:2.2mm
Unit: Each

Are you ready to create a tassel necklace with one of these stunning focal beads? With subtle variations in design and finish, each agate bead could easily be the centerpiece in your next creation. Inspired by ancient Tibetan Dzi beads, these contemporary agate beads have been embellished using a combination of sanding and laser etching to create gorgeous beads, with no two exactly alike. And with their generous holes, this is a bead that is ready to grace your next leather design. String through 2 strands of 1.0mm leather, no problem. Expect variations in shape, size and pattern. Imported from China.

Sold individually.

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