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Turquoise- Nuggets

15x20mm Stabilized Turquoise Beads

Unit: strand
$17.06 USD

$18.95 USD

Bright and bold, these nuggets are standing ready for your next project. Whether you take a strand and wire-wrap them the way Kate did on Facebook Live, or you string them on Stretch Magic and use them in a Stretch Therapy project, they are super cool. From our Vintage Finds Collection, they are at least 25 years old.

Our vendor tells us the are truly turquoise which was stabilized with color and then given a glaze...they are not howlite. However, we recognize that these are in fact a vintage item and the provenance can be unknown. We can't prove that they are, or aren't! Kate smashed some open with a hammer (Kate has all the fun!) and they are solid blue inside, which leads us to believe they are turquoise. But again, we may never be sure!

Hole sizes vary but are generally average size and will fit 2 passes of
Stretch Magic.

Imported from China.

Sold on temporary strands of 16” of approximately 29-32 beads.