Moss Agate Faceted Rondelle- 8mm

Moss Agate Faceted Rondelle- 8mm

8x6mm Faceted Rondelles IHD: 1.02mm
Unit: pkg

Mintier in color, more saturated than Aventurine, Moss Agate reminds us how quickly we can respond to the rich greens of Nature. An actual phenomenon, our heart rates go down when we are around the smells and colors of the forest. Sprinkle in a Float Away or Lake Frog Necklace and voilȧ, you have magic! And with generous 1.02mm holes, beads can be wire-wrapped with up to 18 gauge wire. Made in China. Stock is limited.

Sold in package of 10 beads, which measure almost 2 inches when strung.

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