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Pony Express Beads- Antique Silver

Antique Silver Plated Brass 5x5mm Beads with 2mm Hole

Unit: Pkg
$7.95 USD

Please Note: Due to COVID-19 we are running on a very limited staff. At this time, we cannot antique beads in-house. Please sign up for an email notification below so you'll know right when we've started antiquing again!
For a brief period (1860-1861), the Pony Express was the only way to get mail from the East Coast to California. Moving at break neck speeds, the horse and rider rode their was into history. This bead has also found its place in history. Called a Pony Bead because its hole allowed it to be braided onto a pony's hair, bohemian glass versions were used extensively in Native American Beadwork. Our
Greek Leather in 1.0 will fit twice through the hole and it is a wonderful bead to use in Color Study. Made in India. Please note: This newer bead is slightly smaller in bead size than previously sold.

Sold in packages of 20 beads.

Please note: In the latest shipment, the beads are a bit smaller.