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Matte Wood Opalite- 4mm Rounds

4mm Semi-Precious Round Beads IHD: .8mm

Unit: strand
$6.00 USD

Adding a piece of history to your jewelry designs just got easier. It’s obvious why these stones are associated with patience, they were formed over hundreds of years! A type of petrified wood, these are unique in that their organic matter was replaced by the mineral Silicon Dioxide, which is where the “Opalite” in their name comes from. Most petrified wood occurs with jasper or chalcedony, but not these beauties. In a variety of matte shades...cream, tan, brown, rusty red, and grey, each stone is special and different. With machine-drilled holes, laddering with Tuff Cord #1 is a breeze. Hole size will fit .7mm Stretch Magic and up to 20 gauge wire. However, .5mm round leather doesn’t fit…the leather is too inconsistent! Mined in Indonesia. Imported by Dakota Stones. Sold on 8” strand, approximately 50 beads per strand.

Sold on 8” strand, approximately 50 beads per strand.