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Matte White African Opal- 4mm Rounds

4mm Semi-Precious Round Beads IHD: .8mm

Unit: strand
$5.00 USD

Sure to lead you down a pleasant path, these matte White Opal rounds are thought to aid in productivity in new endeavors. White Opal is a variety of non-precious opal, meaning that it has lustre and some translucency without the “fire” or color-play associated with precious opal varieties. With a matte finish, their white to tan coloring is really gorgeous. With machine-drilled holes, laddering with Tuff Cord #1 is a breeze. Hole size will fit .7mm Stretch Magic and up to 20 gauge wire. However, .5mm round leather doesn’t fit…the leather is too inconsistent! Mined in Africa. Imported by Dakota Stones.

Sold on 8” strand, approximately 50 beads per strand.