Matte Green Aventurine Round-6mm

Matte Green Aventurine Round-6mm

6mm Matte Green Aventurine Round IHD: .8mm
Unit: strand

Imported from Brazil by Dakota Stones, this luscious green stone is craving to be included in your next design. Aventurine is a form of quartz, characterized by translucency and the presence of mineral inclusions which give it a shimmering quality, known as “aventurescence.” But, put it back in the tumbler with a potion of grit and the resulting matte finish is stunning. Holes are machine drilled so laddering with Tuff Cord #1 is a breeze. Pair it with the beauty of Amazonite and you have a color story in ocean greens. Hole sizes also fit up to 20 gauge round wire. Imported by Dakota Stones.

Sold on 8 inch strands. Approximately 34 beads per strand.

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