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Matte Dog Tooth Amethyst- Star Cut

6mm Faceted Semi-Precious Beads IHD: 0.8mm

Unit: strand
$15.00 USD

What a curious name! Originally found in Africa, Dog Tooth Amethyst derives its name from the flower, the Dog Tooth Violet. What makes it so lovely is the naturally occuring banding of the amethyst and white quartz found in the rock. Amethyst is the birthstone of February and the stone of the patron saint for Valentine’s Day, St. Valentine, and quartz has been known to bring clarity of mind to love…this seems the perfect stone for lovers of all ages! Just the right size for so many projects, we love that the drilled holes are large enough to string on .5mm leather.  Made in China, expect variations in color, size, and faceting from one bead to another.

Sold on 15-16 inch strands/ approximately 65 beads per strand.