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Gypsy Leather- 1.5mm Kinte

1.5mm Dyed Round Leather

Unit: spool
$7.25 USD

With three shades of paint used in this combo, the effect is really unique. After hand-dying each yard of leather with brown, teal and magenta dyes, the color is then washed along the leather to create the watercolor effect. The range of hues is unique and no two yards are alike. We can't promise that in 4 yard lengths, you will get all three colors. 

Brittany Ketcham used Gypsy Leather in Setting the Mood and you can see in her sample how the leather is different at the two ends. Each 4 yard length is sold in one continuous piece and can vary in terms of the color combo you get. No promises you'll get an even mixture of all colors represented in the photo. Imported from India by The Beadsmith.  

Sold in 4 yard spool.