Large Clip On- Gold Plate

Large Clip On- Gold Plate

15mm Pad Non-Pierced Earring Finding
Unit: pair

There are so many uses for this workhorse of the earring world. Use it to replace a broken clip on a pair of vintage earrings, or turn a fancy button or charm into a clip earring. This finding was a standard in our brick-and-mortar store and we are happy to offer it again! Secure your earring front piece to the to the disc using Zap Glue. For best results, let glue set overnight.  If you are using a charm with loop, add an optional dangle after the glue has set. See design idea pictured. Charms, beads, and glue are sold separately. We used I Ching Coins and Appalachian Trail 8 mm in the design idea shown.

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