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Kimono Cord- Mum Water on Dark Green by the Yard

4-6mm Polyester Fabric Cord

$13.50 USD

One of the first patterns we ever carried in Kimono Cord, Mums on Dark Green is a showstopper. It looks vintage and reflects the long, wealthy history of kimono patterns in both the art and culture of Japan. Manufactured in small batches, we recommend getting it when we have it in stock...all the patterns go so quickly. 

A 4-5mm acrylic fiber center cord gives the outer polyester body and shape.

See our Kimono Cord Projects for inspiration. 

Cord is hand washable.

Imported from Japan.

Sold by the yard. 1 Yard = 3ft = 36 inches. If you order more than 1 yard, we will always try to give you one continuous piece.