Jet Blue Iris

Jet Blue Iris

2.5 x 5mm 2- Hole Czech Glass Beads
Unit: tube

With a jet black base and an iridescent, multi-colored coating, this Superduo is a must-have. The deep shades of blue, teal, violet and bronze are matched by the high shine, almost metallic finish. Note: In the tube, these Superduos are coated with a fine, powdery ‘dust’ which is a by-product of the manufacturing process. It’s easy to remove by rubbing the beads between your hands, or spilling them out onto a towel and gently buffing with a soft cloth. It’s worth the extra step for this gorgeous color! With two .8mm holes, Tuff Cord #2, Superlon D or Micro C-Lon will easily go through twice to ladder or weave.

See how we used Superduos in our Seashore Wrap Bracelet and our Pathways Herringbone Cuff.

Sold in tubes of approximately 24 grams (320 beads)




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