Itsa Lotta Leather- Ocean

Itsa Lotta Leather- Ocean

2 ounces/120 feet of Leather 0.5-3.0mm
Unit: pkg

veryday we fill orders for Indian leather in 4 yard lengths. Unfortunately, when we’re cutting, we end up with scraps we can’t sell because they are shorter than 4 yards. Now we are offering 2 ounce bags of leather in a mix of blue, green, turquoise and mint….what we call our “Ocean Collection”. Yes, it’s possible the bag contains some as short as 12 inches, but many are 2, 3 or even 3-7/8 yards long. It’s a super deal and we’re so happy it’s going to a good home.

Sold in bags of 2 oz./ averages 90-120 feet....that’s 30-40 yards!! Sorry, no exchanges and all sales are final.

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Note: What you receive may be different from what is pictured. We do our best but bags will vary based on availability.




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