2-9mm Antique Blue Venetian Beads
Unit: pkg

Dating from the early 1900’s, these Venetian beads are the real thing. No, these are not knock-offs from China or good reproductions from Thailand, these Awale Chevrons are a piece of history. The patterns and sizes and even the blues, whites and reds vary from one bead to the next. You’ll get a nice assortment. These are such perfect beads to make your own  inspirational Across Cultures or Folklorico design. Just allow these beads to speak to you!  Holes sizes are generous but can vary. We can see stringing a few on a length of 1.5mm leather but remember, some may not fit anything heavier than 4-Ply Waxed Linen.

Sold in package of 10 grams, anywhere from 23-28 beads per package.



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