Hematite- Matte Metallic Blue

Hematite- Matte Metallic Blue

2mm Copper-Plated Hematite Cut Cube IHD: 0.9mm
Unit: strand

Matte Metallic Blue is warm, intense, and irresistible…after all, who doesn’t love blue? Hematite has been a jewelry-making staple for years. Adding to its allure today is a fantastic plating process, allowing the hematite stone to masquerade as many different metals. Here it really comes into its own with a deep peacock blue matte metallic coating. Ladder and loom with KO or try using it in a beaded macrame section with Tuff Cord #1 in a Color StudyHole size will fit 20 gauge wire and 0.5mm leather. Imported from China.

Sold on 16” strand, approximately 200 beads per strand.

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