Guru- Red Jasper

Guru- Red Jasper

3 Hole Round Guru & Column Bead
Unit: Each

Natural Red Jasper comes in an array of brick reds and brown and brings incredible focus to your intentions. In the tradition of Tibetan Mala Making, a 3-hole bead, known as a Guru Bead (8-9mm), is strung with a Column Bead (11-12mm) to form the focal point of your design. With three holes, the Guru Bead allows the two sides of the necklace or bracelet to come together gracefully. Expect variations in color, size and transparency as these are natural, stone beads.

Sold in set of 1 Guru Bead and 1 Column Bead.

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How to Thread a Guru Bead: The trick to mastering the threading of the 3-hole bead is to use a flexible eye needle and round nose pliers. String your cord through the eye of the needle. Using the pliers, form a tight curve at the end of the needle and thread it through one of the side holes. It should find a path to the hole at the bottom of the bead because the needle is curved. Repeat needle and thread for hole opposite. Optional: If you want to use the column bead, string both cords through the column bead. Knot your cords beneath the column bead.


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