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Flower Jade- 8mm Round

8mm Semi-Precious Round IHD: 0.8mm-1mm

Unit: strand
$7.00 USD

Jade has been treasured for over a five thousand years throughout China and the Far East. Carved beads, amulets, goblets, figurines and more have been made of jade and today’s Flower Jade is just as natural as it was centuries ago. Flower Jade, also known as Jadeite, comes in a variety of colors including red, orange, yellow, green and brown. Mined today in Japan, Myanmar, Guatemala & USA and imported by Dakota Stones, each bead is machine drilled. Laddering with Tuff Cord #3 is a breeze. Beads are round but appreciate the amazing variations in color and pattern. Size may also vary slightly.

Sold on 8 inch strands. Approximately 25 beads per strand. Imported by Dakota Stones.