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Pyrite Gem Cube

5-7mm Faceted Pyrite Cube

Unit: Each
$2.50 USD

We are no longer able to order this favorite of all cubes in pyrite. So, what is in stock, is all that's left. Named for the Greek word “in the fire,” pyrite has so much iron sulfide its colors vary from yellow gold to bronze and brass. It is definitely alluring and we don't feel foolish at all loving "fool's gold" so much. See how Nicole Anderson made it the star in her amazing Herringbone bracelet, Bark. Beads are hand cut in India. 

For Laddering, hole sizes will easily fit KO or Hana Threads. For a Float or Knotting, use up to Griffin #4. For Wire-wrapping, sizes 24-26 gauge fit comfortably.

Sold individually.