Fossil Coral Faceted Rondelle- 6mm

Fossil Coral Faceted Rondelle- 6mm

6mm Semi-Precious Rondelle Beads IHD: 1mm
Unit: strand

Naturally formed from the remains of prehistoric coral, these age-hardened agate beads are also known as “Agatized Coral”. With their faceted surface, the intricate colors and patterns have been preserved for us to enjoy forever. Thought to promote healing and improve circulation, coral is also linked to finding inner peace and a connection to memories. Intricately detailed markings make each bead unique. With machine-drilled holes, try laddering Strong Point with Tuff Cord #3 or Fine Weight C-Lon. Hole sizes will fit up to 18 gauge wire and you can string on .5mm leather.  Country of Origin: Indonesia. Imported by Dakota Stones.

Sold on 8” strand, approximately 50 beads per strand

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