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Flower Star- Peridot Turquoise

18mm Czech Glass Button w/ Metal Shank Dia: 1.5mm

Unit: each
$4.80 USD

$6.00 USD

Encrusted with pattern and decoration, this gorgeous Czech glass button is made today in the same manner (and sometimes the same molds) as were used prior to WWII; these amazing buttons are so collectible. Once you use a component this special in your jewelry project, you may find it hard to go back. Think of it as a mini work of art! Handle with care, glass buttons can break. Made in the Czech Republic. This can be a replacement for Flower Star-Turquoise Gold, when that’s out of stock.

Sold Individually.

Note: Coatings can vary in color and consistency by as much as 20% from one shipment to the next. We advise that if you want to match beads, you purchase what you need all at once.