Flourish- Cherry Quartz

Flourish- Cherry Quartz

21x11mm Carved Rock Bead
Unit: Each

Cherry Quartz comes in beautiful shades of red and pink and is dyed quartz. Made popular in the 1980’s, cherry quartz has lots of curb appeal. Being embellished with the Chinese symbol for Good Fortune, Health and Happiness makes these carved beads even more appealing. Found in an old warehouse, these vintage beads would cost a fortune to make today and that’s probably why we don’t see them anymore. Most beads have generous holes large enough for C-Lon and 20 gauge wire, but we make no promises. Because they are natural stones, expect some variation in color and pattern. And cherry quartz has the natural fissures of quartz in it that may look cracked, but they are not. See how Flourish was used in our Mala Project.

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