Faceted Synthetic Onyx

Faceted Synthetic Onyx

6mm Glass Beads
Unit: Strand

If you shop at a gem show, this bead would be readily available with gemstone strands on the traders’ tables. But it isn’t real onyx, it’s glass. Like goldstone or synthetic opal, it is man-made to look real. The thing is we really love it even if it is faux stone! If you are making jewelry to sell, be sure to include a disclaimer that this is not real onyx. Manufactured in China, each strand is temporarily strung on monofilament.  For stringing, we recommend Tuff Cord #3 or Fine Weight C-Lon. Expect variations from one strand to the next due to the natural material they are made from.


Sold by the strand. Strand length is 16 inches. Approximately 60-61 beads per strand.


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