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Faceted Green Oval Pearls

7.5x6mm Irradiated FWP IHD: 0.4mm

Unit: Strand
$16.00 USD

Rare is the day we pass up a faceted freshwater pearl in any color, but in deep golden just won’t happen! How Kate finds the unusual is a mystery to all of us; she spots it from a mile away. 

Let it be the star in your next Ming Necklace with an Ocean Jasper Pi and a mix of Freshwater Pearls and Malachite Rounds.

If you are using Griffin Silk on a card (with a needle), a Size 4 is a good choice.
Freshwater pearls with intense color have been dyed or heat-treated to create the unusual color. This pearl has also been coated with a clear coating, and the coating is faceted. Color is expected to last but we recommend keeping it away from fragrances, lotions and moisture.

Sold by the strand of 16 inches/ approximately 54 pearls.