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Faceted Drops- Milk White Picasso Gold

20x9mm Fire Polish, IHD: 1.0mm

Unit: strand
$5.65 USD

Looking very much like an elongated drop from the 1940’s, this milky white glass bead with touches of gold and picasso finishes is worth choosing. So striking, it will give your jewelry a formal and elegant feel. 

Added to a Stones of Wisdom design or in place of the tassels on Nomad Bracelet...just wow!

For wire work, Size 18 and 20 round wire and 2 Inch Headpins will fit but use care threading wire through the beads, as the beads are long and the pressure of the wire could crack a bead. 

Please Note: Color Coating on the ends is durable, but it’s better to keep beads away from chemicals and moisture.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Sold by the strand of 6 beads.