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Faceted Almost Round Green AB Pearls

7-7.5mm Irradiated Coated Freshwater Pearls IHD: 0.5mm

Unit: Strand
$14.00 USD

Somehow the Pearl Gods have worked their magic and created a gorgeous green freshwater pearl that meets all of our expectations and goes beyond. The process involves enhancing the pearl color to give it an aurora borealis luster and then adding a clear coating. The last step in the process is to facet the clear surface to give each pearl even more pizazz.

Add them to your next Silk Float Away or make them the star in Zen of Stringing.

Holes sizes are consistent, but small, and will fit 2 passes of Micro C-Lon using a Flexible Eye Needle. If you are using Griffin Silk on a card (with a needle), Size 4 is a good choice.

Expect variations in pearl sizes, dimpling, and shading. Even on the same strand, not all pearls are consistent. Imported from China.

Sold on 15-16 inch strand/approximately 55 pearls per strand.