Elements- Heart Antique Silver

Elements- Heart Antique Silver

7mm Silver Plated Flat Bead IHD: .9mm
Unit: pkg

This adorable heart just captured our love when we spotted it in the back of the old warehouse. It was pleading with us to take it home but we needed no prodding. Both Kate and Janice fell in love with its charm. Made of 100% copper with heavy, silver plating, it’s definitely a keeper. Hole size is large enough you can string most with .5mm leather, so there are lots of design possibilities, including a 5-7 Wrap Tahoe. Some beads show blemishes and age and some may need polishing. We recommend Pro-Polish Pads. Since these beads were imported before lead and nickel standards were implemented, we cannot promise they meet guidelines. We do not recommend them for use in jewelry for children.

Sold in package of 5 beads.



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