Earthenware Round- 7-8mm

Earthenware Round- 7-8mm

Decorated 7-8mm Agate Round Beads IHD:1.29mm
Unit: pkg

With classic banding around the center, this modern-day agate replica can hold its own in a Best of Show contest...they are just captivating! Inspired by ancient Tibetan Dzi beads, they are contemporary agate beads that have been decorated using a combination of sanding and laser etching to create unique beads worth treasuring. And with their generous holes, this is a bead that is ready to grace your next leather design. String on 1.0mm leather or have fun have with with stacking some Stretchy Bracelets. Expect variations in shape, size and pattern. Imported from China.

Sold in package of 5 beads.

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