Earthenware Rondelle- 9mm

Earthenware Rondelle- 9mm

Decorated 9x11mm Faceted Agate Rondelle Beads IHD: 2.2
Unit: pkg

Ranging in size from 9x11 to 9x13, and opaque white to creamy transparent, these beautiful beads beckon us to look closer. Made to look like antique Tibetan Dzi beads, these modern-day agates have been laser cut and etched to mimic the very rare predecessors. No two are alike, which makes them that much more appealing. And with their generous holes, this is a bead that is ready to grace your next leather design. String through 2 strands of 1.0mm leather, no problem. Expect variations in shape, size and pattern. Imported from China.

Sold in package of 5 beads.



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