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Diamond in Round- Light Amethyst Luster Picasso

16mm Pressed Glass Beads, IHD: 0.4mm

Unit: pkg
$2.00 USD

$2.50 USD

These pressed glass beads were a fabulous find straight from the Czech Republic! Glass makers still use many of the techniques and molds as in "the old days," turning out quality beads in small batches. These exact colors may not be available to us again, we always advise if you want to match beads to purchase what you need all at once...but especially so with these!

Project Ideas: We love loading up Beads of Wisdom or Soft Flex Floats with Czech Glass, and these beads are no exception! Also perfect for simple earrings (or complex ones...go for it!!)

Sizing Info: 16mm overall, with a hole around 0.4mm that will fit Fine Soft Flex.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Sold by the package of 4 beads.