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CzechMates Tiles- Polychrome Copper Rose

Czech Glass 6mm 2-Hole Flat Square Beads

Unit: strand
$7.00 USD

It’s hard to define the color but it is a cross between rose and copper...two of our favorites. Try using them in a Mosaic 4 Wrap, like Harvest Corn and mixing them with Mirror Fern Green, Twilight Tanzanite and Polychrome Aqua Teal; they go so beautifully together. Made in the Czech Republic, CzechMates Tiles are manufactured with care and skill and should last a lifetime. Hole sizes will fit two passes of Tuff Cord #1.

Sold on strand of 50 beads*.

*Please Note: When a Projects calls for CzechMates Tiles, we are usually referring to strands 25 beads in length. Unfortunately, every supplier has their own way of selling them and some of the best colors are only available on strands of 50 beads.