CzechMates Tiles- Picasso Persian Turquoise

CzechMates Tiles- Picasso Persian Turquoise

Czech Glass 6mm 2-Hole Flat Square Beads
Unit: strand

Somewhere under this gorgeous, rich brown Picasso coating is the undercoat of “light beige.” It’s hard to find that cream base...that’s okay! We can honestly say, “we love you just the way you are!” CzechMates Tiles are one of the best bead shapes to come from the Czech Republic in years and anything in Picasso is always going to be a favorite. With two holes, it’s ideal for a Mosaic Wrap Ladder Project. Try using them in West County Cuff in place of Miyuki Tilas. These also look great in designs like Lauren Hartman's Beader Showcase entry. Hole size will easily fit two passeof Tuff Cord #1. Color may vary from last shipment.

Sold on strand of 50 beads.



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