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CzechMates Tiles- Luster Opaque Green

Czech Glass 6mm 2-Hole Flat Square Beads

Unit: strand
$3.35 USD

How do we describe a strand of beads that wanders along the color spectrum in lavender, soft blue, and brown with incredible finesse? We know the name includes “green,” but early in the bead-making process the base coat of green glass was covered with a wash known as “luster.” That coating turned it into something altogether different! Made in the Czech Republic, CzechMates Tiles have a flat shape and two holes which make them a great addition to your next laddering project. Try using them in West County Cuff in place of Miyuki Tilas. These also look great in a Mosaic Wrap like Janice's Harvest Corn design. Hole size will easily fit two passes of Tuff Cord #1.

Sold on strand of 25 beads.