Pyramid Czech- Honey Drizzle

Pyramid Czech- Honey Drizzle

6mm Czech Two-Hole Coated Beads
Unit: pkg

Aren’t they adorable? These little glass, stud beads are now in so many unusual finishes, including this marbleized coating called Honey Drizzle. The name really describes this warm and interesting finish which would be right at home around antiquites. Really special! Try designing with them in a ladder bracelet or macramé around them. We just want to let you know, the hole sizes vary (like they do in most Czech beads) and sometimes one or two beads may only have one hole. Sorry about that! We recommend using Tuff Cord #1 or Micro C-Lon, which will go through twice for laddering. Expect variations in coating and texturing. 

Sold in package of 24-25 beads which measures 6 inches in length.



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