6mm- Mauve Prisms

6mm- Mauve Prisms

Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads
Unit: strands

In a process known as color dipping, the Czech glass beads are strung and dropped down into a color vat. This process adds intensity and opacity to the beads. In this case, it brings out the purple pink and defines each facet with an outline of black, the undercoating. Because of color dipping, there may be some paint residue that comes off when you first string through the hole. The holes are also smaller than other Czech glass beads. These bead holes are about .5mm (you can easily thread Fine Weight C-Lon or Tuff Cord #2 through twice), it makes laddering and weaving easy as can be.

Sold in package or by the strand of 24-26 beads. Measures 6 inches in length when strung.



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