Chexx- Silky Old Copper

Chexx- Silky Old Copper

6 x 6mm Czech Two-Hole Coated Bead
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With two holes, Chexx is the cutest thing that has come our way in a long while. It has charm and the little beads beg to be stacked and laddered. However, the metallic coating is on top of a glass bead so it can chip. We definitely do NOT recommend getting it wet or using in a high traffic area, as the coating can peal off. Measuring 6x6mm and 3mm thick, this pretty little bead with two holes is a fun addition to the the Czech glass bead category. In this rich , coppery finish, these beads will give any design a southwest feel. Holes sizes will fit Tuff Cord #1, Micro C-Lon and KO, however, all beads made in the Czech Republic can vary, so expect some beads to fit snugly on your thread or wire and some to glide on smoothly. That’s just Czech glass!

Sold in packages of 24-25 beads. When strung, the beads will measure 3 inches.

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