Crystal Magic Violet-Green

Crystal Magic Violet-Green

2.5 x 5mm 2- Hole Czech Glass Beads
Unit: tube

These stunning Superduos capture the most incredible shades of iridescent purple and green! The crystal base beads are partially coated with vibrant color, which shines through the uncoated portion of the bead. As the light moves, the reflected hues shift from emerald and mossy greens to violet, plums and pinks. With two .8mm holes, Tuff Cord #2, Superlon D or Micro C-Lon will easily go through twice to ladder or weave.

See how we used Superduos in our Seashore Wrap Bracelet and our Pathways Herringbone Cuff.

Sold in tubes of approximately 24 grams (320 beads)





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