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Creamy White Large Nugget Pearls

12-16mm Naturally Freshwater Pearls IHD:0.5.5mm

Unit: Strand
$18.50 USD

Deserving of a “Wow!” These baroque nuggets are simply gorgeous. Ranging in shape and size from about 12mm to a hefty 16mm, they just really fit the description of a true freshwater pearl. Each strand has the heavy weight and feel of freshwater pearls that we dream of. We’re pretty sure we won’t have these for long!

Imagine how great they will look in a Kate’s Mix Project or your next Silk Float Away Necklace.

Hole size will fit 22 gauge wire and Size 6 Griffin.

Expect variations in size, shape and shading. Imported from China.

Sold on 15-16 inch strand/approximately 28 beads per strand.