Camel- Compassion Suede

Camel- Compassion Suede

Ultra Micro-Fiber Suede 1.4 x 3mm
Unit: spool

Now we offer a loving alternative to animal products. It looks like the suede used by so many jewelry artisans, but this is a thoughtful, vegan choice to do something less harmful to our environment. It is durable and adaptable to many projects where leather cording is called for. Sam uses is with Ultrasuede in Tricks to Looming and Bead Weaving and we also used it in Gypsy Bracelet.


Design Hint: Compassion leather is easy to knot, but we do not recommend it for jewelry with adjustable knots; it does not have the slide-factor that real leather has. To close it off at the end, we recommend an overhand knot.

Sold in 3 yard increments on spools.

$3.75 USD

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